6/8/2010 Air New Zealand leaving a trail

So on the morning of August 8 2010 I looked out my kitchen window to see what I suspected to be a great day for contrail formation, knowing that Air New Zealand and Korean Airlines pass over Whangarei between 9am and 10am I thought it would be a good opertunity to photograph the trails, here are the results






That is a bit of a selection of the photo’s I took on that morning. If you think that the photos show a chemtrail being produced you now know who to contact, Air New Zealand

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Predicting Trails – Made Easy

Have a read of this, http://www.mysteriousnewzealand.co.nz/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1548

I cant be bothered uploading all the photos here.

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12 June 2010 – What really happened

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Metservice Blog – Contrails over Wellington


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From the Advocate


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900kph in a Boeing 777

If a plane is traveling at 900kph how far do you think it would travel in a second?
well lets do the maths
900/60= 15 Kilometers per minute 15KM= 15,000meters
15,000/60= 250meters per second
So at this rate a Boeing 777-200er covers 1km in 4 seconds, now for those of you wondering why a plane may look like its turning sprayers on and off, just think about how much ground is being covered in the time that you are watching it.

_MG_5109 copy

_MG_5116 copy

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All Kinds of Clouds

I thought I would add a page where I would upload different types of clouds that I have photographed, Not necessarily with trails in them, just a sample of what mother nature can create

12:30pm 11/7/2010

Shooting Date/Time 17/06/2010 7:39:54 a.m.

_MG_5107w NUKE!!! on the way to Dargaville

the sun has gone

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